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Energineering Solutions is a private partnership specializing in industrial efficiency optimization, strategic advisory and special project financing based on energy performance.

Due to our ten year experience in plant auditing, energy & heat transfer data analysis and redesigning solutions, we succeed to unveil waste energy potential related to industrial processes or HVAC for large facilities and implementing sophisticated solutions that efficiently recover energy from waste to financial profit.

The solutions developed by Energineering team are not only technically holistic but also seriously considering the financial characteristics of the the CAPEX & long term OPEX of the required investments, so they guarantee short payback period by ensuring optimum ROI.

Our expert engineers & economists have proven their capability of overcoming every challenge related to maximized efficiency of energy use in industrial processes or facilities that bear large energy costs. Owners and investors who wish to make the right steps to minimize such costs, are the ones who address our team in order to implement the principles of Holistic Energy Management in their production.

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Enjoy the benefits of collaborating with the Energineering solutions' team:

  • Small group of experts dedicated to your needs as interim or external contractors
  • Customized solutions derive from a worldwide market search for best financial results for your case
  • Flexible contract can include turn-key solution or in-house development under our guidance
  • Third Party Financing - Energy Performance Contract guarantees results and pay back
  • Holistic energy management guarantees maximum profits by cutting down production cost

Our offered solutions


Financing Solutions

TPF Model

Third Party Financing for energy efficiency projects is available through collaboration with Energineering Solutions. (IREE Certified).
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Per unit cost monitoring

ISO Certified Thermal Management

Energy Performance Indicators required for real time production related decisions now available at low cost. ISO 50001 cert.
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Energy Performance Contracting

EPC Model

Allocate CAPEX to other projects. Experienced investors can bear all "energy project" risks & share the OPEX reduction savings according to proposed EPC model.
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Measurement & Verification

Energy data flow

The new era of process cost control, belongs to detail process engineering, that designs a strategic path to holistic energy management.
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Holistic Energy Management

Do you seek accredited guidance to achieve the optimum energy efficiency level for your processes ? Then an expert team is just what you are looking for. The Energineering solutions team of expert engineers, is familiar with the difficult decisions before such important investments. Make the right choice: Embrace the Holistic Energy Management model to enjoy reduced production costs.

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For a preliminary audit & energy analysis, that will reveal possible solutions for upgrading energy efficiency of your process, you are welcome to contact our team. We can arrange a teleconference at your most convenient time frame.

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