Solutions of techniques, optimally combined

Our sustainability strategic planning, actually rebuilds your energy management model, based but not limited to techniques of the highest thermal engineering concept: 


Vapor Recovery - MVR [Mechanical Vapor Recompression]

Industrial processing often results in large quantities of high enthalpy vapors that are dissipated to the environment. This equals to huge quantities of heat loss that is replaced by fossil fuel combustion. Mechanical Vapor ReCompression technology reuses this heat by compressing the available vapors into high pressure reusable steam. This results in spectacular energy savings and fast return of investment. Case studies are available on request.


Flue gas heat recovery

It is one of the most common technical solutions. Our engineers primarily focus in the acidity of the formed condensate, which depends on the utilized fuel. Sensible energy is easier to recover, but latent energy (of condensing flue gases) has a larger potential and initial cost. A two step (two temperature levels) heat recovery usually improves the ROI.  


Waste water heat recovery: 

Simple method of saving vast savings with an impressive ROI. The Athens Hilton laundry project is a classical paradigm of significant savings. Most food and textile industries can benefit from this implemented technology. 


Warm air utilization: 

One of the toughest mediums to control and tamer is air, especially when mixed with humidity or other gases. Monitoring and carefully analyzing thermodynamic data of such a stream is required for at least a short period of time before certain suggestions are made. An ongoing project will soon be concluded and referenced here - contact us for more details.   


Passive Heat Exchanging systems

Dehumidification & HVAC challenges as well as heat transfer between energy streams (e.g. air, flue or water) are all perfectly answered by "heat pipe" heat exchangers. Passive heat exchanging systems can improve existing equipments' efficiency up to a rate of 50% based on this brilliant technique of two-phase heat transfer in a single pipe closed loop. The cost and ROI of such solutions remains unbeatable by traditional solutions.


Pre-processing of unprocessed product: 

It is the most overlooked technique due to the lack of widespread solutions. But our team has developed strategic alliance with specialized equipment manufacturers that can deliver high-end heat exchangers for pre-processing your products, thus utilizing low temperature thermal energy according to the Holistic energy model guidelines.  


Pre-conditioning of the heat process medium: 

It is the obvious solution for all significant energy saving techniques, to prepare the heat transfer medium (e.g. water, thermal oil, air etc.). Pinch analysis though is the proper tool to actually decide the dimensioning of heat exchangers and set points of stream flows and temperatures in order to achieve the most of it’s potential.


Heat Storage 

Synchronization of heat availability (e.g. waste or solar heat) and thermal processing production needs, is usually an uneasy puzzle to solve. Low cost & high efficiency heat storage in most such cases, remains the key in order to utilize large quantities of available -otherwise wasted- heat in a (pre)production process. PCM (Phase Change Materials) TES (Thermal Energy Storage) tanks or similar TCS (Thermo Chemical Storage) technologies are the most proper low ROI solutions for implementation, while their potential is accountable for long term use.


Renewable Resources 

Heat pumps of low electricity consumption, combined with solar irradiation or ambient air as heat source, are becoming a very challenging solution nowadays. On the other hand fossil fuels burnt to produce e.g. steam that is utilized for lower temperature final needs, are not a viable choice any more. A smart management system utilizing lower temperature heat either stored, or from renowned resources is the answer to all kinds of special issues connected to such challenges.

CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) is another significant solution in thermal processes. The cost of such solutions is not small, and the ROI is not the most attractive, but zero energy cost for a large percentage of your everyday processes, is a real challenge for an investor that really wishes to minimize his production cost.


Financing Solutions

TPF Model

Third Party Financing for energy efficiency projects is available through collaboration with Energineering Solutions. (IREE Certified).
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Per unit cost monitoring

ISO Certified Thermal Management

Energy Performance Indicators required for real time production related decisions now available at low cost. ISO 50001 cert.
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Energy Performance Contracting

EPC Model

Allocate CAPEX to other projects. Experienced investors can bear all "energy project" risks & share the OPEX reduction savings according to proposed EPC model.
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Measurement & Verification

Energy data flow

The new era of process cost control, belongs to detail process engineering, that designs a strategic path to holistic energy management.
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Holistic Energy Management

Do you seek accredited guidance to achieve the optimum energy efficiency level for your processes ? Then an expert team is just what you are looking for. The Energineering solutions team of expert engineers, is familiar with the difficult decisions before such important investments. Make the right choice: Embrace the Holistic Energy Management model to enjoy reduced production costs.

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