What we do

What we do


We offer a list of specialized services, according to the Holistic Energy Management model:





A preliminary Audit is performed in order to collect all available energy flow data in their present form, as an initial approach of the production processes. Analyzing this initial set of data is significant in identifying the energy efficiency upgrade potential.

This first step is low cost and best possible ROI, since it can enlighten you about all possibilities of savings you can achieve.

This preliminary Audit & Analysis can also offer you a cost estimation of the next steps.

When agreed to proceed, a full Audit with the help of monitoring equipment, sensors and data logging is performed, while all equipment data as well as process details  (such as set points & timing) are gathered together with special products' characteristics.



The collected information takes a convenient form, in order to be analyzed. Evaluation of the real potential of each process is determined according to newest techniques. Redesign of the whole processing philosophy  takes initial form, checking a large set of alternative combinations.



Worldwide market offers a variety of specially engineered solutions, capable - when correctly sized and combined- to maximize thermal recovery for efficiency boosting, within strict ROI limitations.

Our team retains a significant database of small and large providers of solutions to interconnect with your existing equipment.



Special study is important in order to:

Compare and analyze the characteristics of similar technologies and brands as well as their pros/cons to help reaching a final decision

Supply all significant technical details for the implementation of suggested technologies in the existing facilities as well as cooperation with each other.

Supply all the theoretical evidence according to specifications, for the calculation of the energy outcome.

Offer detailed analysis of expected outcome and techniques for evaluating and monitoring the real outcome.


Our minimum target is 20% improvement of energy efficiency with the fastest possible ROI




This step is actually defined by you - the customer - the one who decides the ROI he desires to achieve. From our perspective we will choose among the best solutions and suggest the ones that respond to your needs.

A large investment, might be capable to reduce your costs by 40% but it also might be out of budget limits.

Similarly, a 3-month ROI technique, is probably a "must-do" but of less importance if it can only save 0.5%.

You have to wisely choose your limits and, yes, we could also help you do that. The final list of suggestions will of course be offered to you.




Once the final solution - usually a set of combined solutions - is decided, implementation remains the next big challenge. Our team supervises this whole procedure paying attention to detail in order to achieve the theoretical goal in real measured results.


Monitoring the energy data set, after initiating the remodeled production line, secures your proof of a successful implementation!


Your Choice

Your energy data will be entrusted to us after signing an NDA. Similarly we will have to trust you with our know-how and techniques, as well as our tailored-to-your-case technology market research results. Our team of experts will be occupied for a period of time analog to your project’s size. The cost of our service can be agreed in a flexible way.


Contact us to arrange a meeting about a preliminary Audit & Analysis of your process


When to expect your profit?

Even if you decline to move forward to the next level, your experience about latest technological solutions, will be significantly enriched after our initial preliminary Audit & Analysis report.

Within this report a series of steps will thoroughly explain what you can expect and how you can earn it, while monitoring techniques can confirm our proposals’ claims.

What is your guarantee?

Each proposal consists of various technologies implementations in a way that is crystal clear for an engineer to understand. Every component is guaranteed to do it’s job by the manufacturer, while the overall efficiencies expected are calculated by the laws of thermodynamics as well as widely approved analysis methods.It’s not only that though.Our list of previous successful projects and studies can show you our work style, accuracy and target orientation.

Our successful projects and studies are reassuring factors of our proficient methods and target orientation

Financing Solutions

TPF Model

Third Party Financing for energy efficiency projects is available through collaboration with Energineering Solutions. (IREE Certified).
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Per unit cost monitoring

ISO Certified Thermal Management

Energy Performance Indicators required for real time production related decisions now available at low cost. ISO 50001 cert.
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Energy Performance Contracting

EPC Model

Allocate CAPEX to other projects. Experienced investors can bear all "energy project" risks & share the OPEX reduction savings according to proposed EPC model.
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Measurement & Verification

Energy data flow

The new era of process cost control, belongs to detail process engineering, that designs a strategic path to holistic energy management.
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Holistic Energy Management

Do you seek accredited guidance to achieve the optimum energy efficiency level for your processes ? Then an expert team is just what you are looking for. The Energineering solutions team of expert engineers, is familiar with the difficult decisions before such important investments. Make the right choice: Embrace the Holistic Energy Management model to enjoy reduced production costs.

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For a preliminary audit & energy analysis, that will reveal possible solutions for upgrading energy efficiency of your process, you are welcome to contact our team. We can arrange a teleconference at your most convenient time frame.

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